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Karl Johan Hotel is a historic and venerable hotel
centrally located in Karl Johans gate

The hotel has recently been fully renovated and has 157 rooms in different categories, a restaurant, bar and 2 lounges. The hotel was built in 1899 and has a long and venerable history. Since this hotel is comprised of 3 buildings, you will experience many different types of rooms. The hotel has quiet rooms with windows facing the backyard and rooms facing Karl Johans gate, as well as the side street Rosenkrantz gate.
With a view of Karl Johan, Parliament and the Royal Palace, you can also enjoy the park’s vibrant crowds.

The Larsen Sisters

“When you have stayed with the Larsen Sisters, you will always want to return!”

The Larsen Sisters Private Hotel was in operation from 1874 until 1903. Karl Johans gate 33 was at the time the only wooden building in the Karl Johan neighborhood. The wooden building was torn down and today’s building was completed in 1899, still run by the Larsen Sisters.

(Fotograf: L. Szacinski (firmaet). Oslo Museum/OB.SZ12179)


ven though we have an exquisite view of Spikersuppa, the sidewalk restaurants, cultural buildings and main street, our part of Karl Johans gate has no traffic noise. Sit by the windowsill with a cup of coffee and take in the impressions.

When you are staying at the hotel, the city’s best shops, restaurants, bars, theatres and cultural life are all nearby. Just a few minutes’ walk to Aker Brygge, where you can enjoy the life in the harbor, restaurants, cultural life and Akershus Fortress. 

Karl Johan Hotel has become a meeting place for different styles with a personal touch. “Something borrowed, something new” gives the hotel its informal atmosphere.

When the hotel’s color palette and interior design was selected, this was done based on the hotel’s history and the uniqueness of the building. The goal has been to achieve rooms and functions to be perceived as contemporary and comfortable with shades of “city”. The hotel is a gathering place, a meeting point, for busy and leisurely individuals. If you are travelling with friends and family, are travelling for work, or are having a meeting with colleagues – Karl Johan Hotel is the best starting point for your stay. 


he hotel’s history from the 1840s, as part of an expansive urban planning where the Royal Palace, Parliament and parade street were to represent then Christiania’s pride, indicates its popular role as hotel actor. Through the years, the building has been torn down, gone from being the only wood building in the Karl Johan neighborhood, to being restored as a proud corner building in Berlin Baroque style in 1899.

From its inception, the hotel was run by the Larsen Sisters, with their heartfelt management style, where guests were very well taken care of – including when guests were unable to settle their bill. The hotel’s popular soul thereby became embedded and has been part of the development through all eras. The passion for taking care of guests with warmth and care is still alive and is part of the hotel’s identity.

Through the years, the hotel’s guests have been able to take part in many special moments in Norwegian history, with a close proximity to events others can only dream of. Most significant events have begun right outside the hotel’s entrance and below the windows facing Karl Johans gate. From being a parade street in “rural surroundings” where fine women were gazed upon by eligible bachelors, to all royal weddings, funerals, coronations, state visits and, not least, Norway’s number one national treasure, the 17 May celebrations.

No wonder we are proud of the hotel, its role as witness to history, and today also as a hotel with amazing style and comfort.
Welcome to our hotel!

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