Do you need a showroom? - Karl Johan Hotel

Do you need a showroom?

Great new premises with a separate entrance!

In Rosenkrantz gate 11, just 70 meters from Karl Johans gate, you will find 50m² premises for rent. If you would like to host a small gathering, need a showroom or a small meeting place for your event, we recommend a tour of our premises. The premises are connected to the hotel, but function as a separate unit and you have control of your own guests.

Design your private event, while we handle beverages, catering and overnight stays. The premises can be rented per day, per week or per month. You choose from our options.

Sometimes you only need a centrally located meeting point, sales point or a showroom for a day or a week. Other times, an entire month or two will produce the best results for your products and services. We have flexible solutions and rental agreements and also offer good prices for overnight stays for those working in the premises, your suppliers and guests/customers. 

If you would like to serve snacks, lunch, break meals and beverages to your customers, we offer this. We also create separate breakfast plans.

  • 50m²
  • Separate entrance
  • Flexible solutions
  • Bar counter/serving counter/reception
  • Beverage packages
  • Menus for different needs
  • Great prices for overnight stays
  • Breakfast plan
  • Control of own event
  • Centrally located 70m from Karl Johan

For more information, prices and viewing, please contact us by email at or by phone at – 23 16 17 00